Meet Our Friendly Team

  • Brunswick Health

    Dr. Michael Levick

    Principal General Practitioner - He speaks English and Italian and works full time to carry on the tradition that his father created. He is married with 2 daughters. Michael’s special interest includes: General Medicine and Diabetes.

  • Dr. Terence Ahern, Brunswick Doctor

    Dr. Terence Ahern

    Principal General Practitioner – He is available most days. He is a father of four children and is married to Dr. Maria Del Core. His special interests include: Aged Care and General Medicine, Adolescent Health, Male Health.

  • Coburg Medical

    Dr. Jeffrey Erlich

    General Practitioner – speaks English, Italian and French . Jeffrey is available 4 days per week. He is married with 2 children and has worked in Brunswick since 1995. His special interest includes: General Medicine.

  • Dr-Ian-Bonwicl

    Dr. Ian Bonwick

    General Practitioner – has practiced in the Coburg/Brunswick area for the last 20years. His special interest includes: Occupational Medicine and consults to a number of Companies and organizations in the northern and western suburbs.

  • Dr-Colin-Stewart

    Dr. Colin Stewart

    General Practitioner – Available Monday to Thursday mornings. Colin has 3 adult children and is now enjoying being a Grandfather. His special Interest includes: Female Health, Adolescent Health and Counselling.

  • Dr-Andy-Innes

    Dr. Andy Innes

    Andy joined our team in April 2012 . Born in North Wales, trained in Scotland & worked his early years in the UK. Andy moved to Beechworth in 2002 as a GP. His special interests is General Medicine. He is available on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Dr. Stephanie Muller

    Dr. Stephanie Muller

    Stephanie is available Wednesday and Friday. Her special interests are General Family Medicine & Aged Care.

  • Dr-Liz-Bond

    Dr. Liz Bond

    Commencing from September
    Family medicine, Musculoskeletal, Women’s health, Shared ante-natal care, Implanon insertion and removal, Mental Health, and Children.

    Bulkbills Monday to Friday between 8.10-5.00pm

  • Peter Carey

    Dr. Peter Carey

    Commencing Mid September

    Dr Peter Carey is new to our practice, having owned a practice in the Malvern area for over 20 years. He will be working on Mondays and Friday’s and will he bulk billing all patients. He is experienced and interested in children’s health, aged care, smoking cessation, and all areas of general practice. He has been learning Italian for several years, and is married with three children.

    Bulkbills Monday to Friday between 8.10-5.00pm

  • Chloe Kindred

    Dr. Chloe Kindred

    Dr Chloe Kindred is one of our Private Billing doctors. She is available Mondays and Thursdays. Her interests include all aspects of general practice, especially sexual health.

  • Yolanda-e1469592155111-262x269

    Commencing August 2017 Dr. Yolanda Hannigan (GPT2 Registrar)

    Dr Yolanda Hannigan is passionate about women’s health, sexual health, mental health and paediatrics (child and adolescent health). She is available four days a week.

    Dr Yolanda has undertaken mental health skills training and is currently completing a diploma of child and adolescent health. She is able to insert and remove implanons.

    In her spare time Yolanda enjoys hiking, dancing and art.

  • Ella

    Ella Ellwood – Shoesmith
    (GPT1 Registrar)

    Dr. Ella joined our team in August 2016. Ella has previously worked at various hospitals in Melbourne including the Austin Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital. She is interested in whole family care, and in particular in Paediatrics and Aged Care. When she’s not working, Ella is busy being a mum to her two small children. Ella is available Mondays, Tuesdays, and every second Wednesday.

    She is one of our Bulkbilling doctors

  • Jacinta

    Dr. Jacinta O’Neill

    Jacinta started her medical career in Emergency medicine, before realising the element she enjoyed most about medicine was the development of the doctor-patient relationship that you achieve in general practice. She has a special interest in sports injuries, and is currently completing her Masters in Sports Medicine. Jacinta spent 2015 in Nepal completing her Diploma in Mountain Medicine and would love to talk to anyone thinking about any travel to altitude or trips to Nepal. As a former physical education teacher, she also loves the interactions with children and teenagers. When not working, you’ll find Jacinta, her husband and their dog Paddy in the mountains running, climbing, cycling and drinking coffee.

    Bulkbills Monday to Friday between 8.10-5.00pm

  • Susanna-Beretta

    Susanna Beretta

    RN- Susanna is one of our nurses. She speaks Italian and is available to assist patients on a Tuesday and Wednesday with Chronic Disease Management and Annual Health Assessments.

  • Karen-Bourke

    Karen Bourke

    RN- Karen is one of our nurses. She is available here to assist with Chronic Disease Management and Annual Health Assessments on a Monday, Tuesday and alternate Thursday. Karen has many years experience in Aged Care.

  • Dorothy-Dickman

    Dorothy Dickman

    RN- Dorothy is one of our nurses. Dorothy is married and is available to assist with Chronic Disease Management, Annual Health Assessments and other nursing duties, on a Monday and Friday.

  • Anna-Ragnanese

    Anna Ragnanese

    RN- Anna speaks Italian and is available to assist with Chronic Disease Management and Annual Health Assessments on a Wednesday and Thursday. She has many years experience in Diabetes Education and is also available to assist in this area.

  • Luise-Fricke

    Luise Fricke

    RN- Luise is one of our nurses. She joined our team in April.

  • Gerry-Formica

    Geraldine Formica

    Practice Manager: (full time) – Gerry as she prefers to be called, has worked as a Receptionist and then Practice Manager for Dr. Ahern since 1986. She speaks Italian and enjoys a bit of a chat with patients. You will find her at the practice most days. (tucked away in her room).

  • Rosemary-Gibilisco

    Rosemary Gibilisco

    Supervisor / Receptionist: (full-time)- Rosemary has many years of experience as a medical receptionist having commenced working for Dr. Michael Levick’s father in 1976 . She speaks Italian, and is available to assist patients with any inquiries.

  • Sarina-Chiera

    Sarina Chiera

    Receptionist: (part-time)- Mrs Sarina Chiera joined our team in October 2012 . Sarina is available to assist patients at reception 3 days per week. Sarina, also speaks Italian.

  • Nancy-Di-Nuzzo

    Nancy Di Nuzzo

    Receptionist: (part-time)- Nancy speaks Italian and is Lina’s sister. Nancy is usually available on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Alda-Raffa

    Alda Raffa

    Receptionist: (part-time)- Alda has many years of experience as a medical receptionist having worked for Dr. Ahern since 1986. She speaks Italian and is Gerry’s sister in law – there’s nothing like keeping it in the family! Alda works 2 days per week.

  • Lina-Primiano

    Lina Primiano

    Receptionist: (part-time)- Lina also speaks Italian and is Nancy’s sister. She is usually available here 2 days per week.

  • Nicole-Pattas

    Nicole Pattas

    Receptionist: (part-time)- Our youngest receptionist speaks Greek. She is available to assist patients 3 days per week.

  • claire_ahern

    Dr. Claire Ahern

    Clinical Psychologist

    Available Thursday afternoon – by appointments.

    See Moreland Road Clinic for more times.

  • Dr. Andrew Hua

    Dr. Andrew Hua

    Consultant Geriatrician

    Available Monday afternoons.

  • Leanne_Azzopardi

    Leenanne Azzopardi


    Alternate Fridays.

  • Edmund_Bruce_Gardiner

    Dr Ned Bruce-Gardner


    Available Thursday mornings.

    See Moreland Road Clinic for more times.

  • Ann Akova

    Ann Akova


    Available the first Saturday of each month.

    Ann Akova graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry and has a nursing background. Working for over 10 years as a Podiatrist in both Private practice and Community health.

    Ann has extensive experience in:

    • Diabetic Foot Assessments and Management. Did you know, if you have Diabetes it is recommended you have feet checked by a Podiatrist every year (Speak to your Gp).
    • Treatment of painful corns, callous, warts, and other toenail and skin complaints.
    • Foot pain.
    • Orthotic prescription.
    • Footwear education.
    • Foot care education.

    Her personal interest is to enable you to perform your activities of daily living relatively pain free, while getting to know you, so as to personalise your treatments to suit your needs.

For more information on our services check out our Brunswick Doctors homepage.